Alliance secure Singapore Major group stage seed with thrilling victory over Team Liquid

Dota Pro Circuit Europe upper division is reaching the finish line as just one spot at the upcoming Singapore Major is still up for grabs.

Alliance closed their first season of DPC Regional Leagues with a thrilling series against Team Liquid to establish themselves as the second best team in the region after Team Secret. The 2-1 victory from last night was hard fought and brought the viewers an action packed battle.

Although the scores of the first two games tell a story of one sided affairs, both teams executed nearly to perfection two different strategies, delivering some top tier plays. Alliance opened the best-of-three series with an offlane Alchemist, which in the last couple of DPC matches hasn’t been proven to be entirely effective, despite his capability to boost a carry’s farm from early stages with the Aghnaim’s Scepter gift.

Liquid tried to prevent some of the most suited carry heroes for such a strategy, banning the Monkey King, Juggernaut and Gyrocopter, but they still got demolished by Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov’s Phantom Assassin hunting them down all over the map under the upgraded Blur protection.

Heading into the second game, what seemed at first to be a desperate attempt to save themselves from getting run over by a pushing strategy with Death Prophet, Beastmaster and Nature’s Prophet coming from Alliance, turned out to be the perfect answer from Liquid.

They took Alliance by surprise with a last pick Broodmother and swapped the lanes, sending Samuel “Boxi” Svahn in the mid-lane on Puck, while Max “qojqva” Bröcker set up an insanely high pace by taking his signature Brood in the safe lane. Alliance were given no chance at holding their buildings and were forced to a decider game three where Liquid carried the momentum and started the match once again on an aggressive stance. Their strategy relied on Shadow Fiend and a carry Bloodseeker to apply the early pressure, which they successfully did.

However, Alliance ran a Weaver – Io duo and were able turn the game into their favor past the 20-minute mark with clutch plays coming from Nikobaby and Linus “Limmp” Blomdin on Void Spirit.

Alliance’s victory has multiple ramifications on the final standings in the Europe upper division.

With them claiming the second seed, Team Nigma also secured a ticket to the Singapore Major, though it’s only a Wild Card spot. The final slot will be decided later today when Team Secret and OG will close out the six-week marathon with their head to head series.

While regardless of the series result nothing will change for Team Secret, who have already locked themselves in for the Singapore Major playoffs, a win from OG would mean that Team Liquid and Tundra Esports will not make it to the Major. If Secret lands another victory, three teams will end up tied with a 3-4 overall series score and will proceed to a three-way best-of-one tiebreaker for the last spot into the Singapore Major Wild Card competition.

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