ALWAYSWANNAFLY wishes Techies to be gone in the next patch and Lina to be reworked

Natus Vincere captain Andrey “ALWAYSWANNAFLY” Bondarenko was featured in one of the Epic League official interviews for Russian language speakers and besides talking about the team goals, the competition and the general form of CIS teams, he also answered a few questions regarding what he wishes to be addressed in the upcoming 7.28 patch.

Although it’s not a hero that dominates the current meta, ALWAYSWANNAFLY was rather radical in regards to Techies. He wishes to see the suicide entirely removed from the game. “The most important thing”, he said “is to remove Techies. This hero should never exist.” Moving on with his rant on the current patch, he addressed Lina, which he hopes will get a complete rework rather than a few nerfs.

ALWAYSWANNAFLY pointed out the fact that her attack range of 670 is way too much. He also said that in order to balance this hero, Valve should remove her passive, while her basic damage should also be lowered. 

When talking about NAVi and their training routine, ALWAYSWANNAFLY said that the team is taking a lot of time to study their adversaries, to put together drafts for each opponent. “We prepare meticulously,” he said and explained that when it comes down to possible new strategies, there are a lot of heroes in the current meta to build on, but the team has only a certain amount of hero options to look into.  The full interview conducted in Russian by the RuHub commentator Dmitry “CrystalMay” Korchevinin can be watched HERE.

Natus Vincere are currently on the 6th place in the Epic League group stage, but they still have three more series on the schedule until the playoffs hit. They will resume their group play run on the 3rd of December when they will be pitted against Mudgolems. On the next day, December 4, NAVI will take on the current group leaders and will conclude the group stage matches fighting against Team Secret on December 5.

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