Another victory for Team Secret as they secure a grand final spot at OMEGA League

Upper bracket final action at OMEGA League: Europe Immortal
Division followed the elimination of Alliance and it was between two of the
best teams in the world in Dota 2 – Team Secret and OG.

Having lost only a single game so far at OMEGA League: EU
Immortal Division, and with their absolutely amazing record in all events they
have been a part of since March, Team Secret were easily the favourites to make
it to the grand finals – and win the event. However, in their path would be OG,
who seemed to have finally found their footing with their “new” squad and were
looking to break Secret’s win streak.

Having just seen the amazing comeback from Team Nigma
earlier in the day, OG took to a brilliant four protect one strategy to make a
comeback of their own and give Secret their second loss of the event. With a 10,000
net worth lead at 25-minutes, Secret seemed destined to get off to a great
start in the series, but Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng’s Phantom Assassin and OG had
different plans as they turned the game on its head and secured the victory. But,
being Secret, they were not about to give up at all and they would come back in
the next game to tie up the series without too much trouble.

After the win in game two, Secret seemed to be completely
refreshed and back to their normal selves as they destroyed OG in the decisive
third game of the series. Giving away only seven kills in the 33-minute game,
with Puppey involved in 28 of the teams 35 kills, Secret were merciless as they
completed the reverse sweep over OG.

With that, Secret move into another grand final and guarantee
themselves a top two finish at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division, while OG will
have to face off against Nigma in the lower bracket finals tomorrow and
possibly have another shot at taking down Secret.

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