ATK continues to cause havoc, eliminate G2

The ATK CS:GO players have shown up in Odense, and they’ve shown up big. This lineup has battled back from the brink of elimination to take down the Danish side of North and the Frenchmen of G2 esports, sending both teams packing.

Losing the opener to mousesports, ATK was where many thought they’d end up given the talent and stature of the teams in attendance. Then things got interesting, really interesting.

ATK was able to secure a relatively easy looking 2-0 over North to earn themselves another match, another potential elimination. With G2 having played toe-to-toe with the world’s best team Astralis just a day before, it seemed the South African and North American mix would simply be outclassed.

Things aren’t always what they seem, however, and even with a brutal 16-4 beating on the first map of Vertigo, ATK wasn’t ready to roll over. Led by Ricky “floppy” Kemery on the scoreboard, ATK would take a close 16-13 win on Train to force a third map.

Inferno, a map G2 is typically quite comfortable one, looked to be unfamiliar to them as ATK ran rampant on the map and cruised to a 16-6 victory, continuing the rosters impressive run.

ATK is now playing a rematch with mousesports in the Group B lower bracket final. The teams are playing Vertigo, Dust2, and Inferno.

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