Black Ops Cold War leak details various maps and scorestreaks

As the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War open beta draws nearer, more leaks are beginning to surface. Last week, some rumors were swirling about a possible alpha arriving before the beta. However, that’s been the only real leak in the past week—until a prominent inside source started tweeting again. According to this inside source, details on the new title’s maps and scorestreaks are out in the open. For fans of the previous Black Ops games, you’ll sure to be excited about this new intel. Let’s check out what the latest leaks are saying.

New details on Black Ops Cold War maps and scorestreaks

As with any leaks in the Call of Duty community, nothing from these sources can be considered official. However, up to this point, a majority of the leaks up to this point have been dead-on. From minute details from the Campaign trailer to previously unconfirmed information, these leakers haven’t been wrong about much. Still, take every piece of intel with a dash of salt.

The source in question is Tom Henderson, formerly known as “Long Sensation” on YouTube. Henderson has been leaking Call of Duty information for years and is rarely incorrect with his intel. First up, we have some details on the Black Ops Cold War maps.

According to Henderson, the traditional style of map from Black Ops 2 is returning. The classic three-lane design has been sorely missed this past year, as Modern Warfare was a bit of a mixed bag when it came to map design. The leak also states that regular 6v6 play is back and Nuketown is returning to its former glory.

As for the scorestreaks, Henderson had a good bit to say.

If this report is accurate, Treyarch seems to be pooling all previous scorestreaks and abilities from previous titles into Black Ops Cold War. Weapons like the Death and War Machine, Hand Cannon, Bow, Flamethrower, and more are all returning. This is coupled with a previous report that indicated classic streaks like the Chopper Gunner and VTOL Jet are also coming back.

As of right now, things are looking stellar for Black Ops Cold War. Let’s just hope the leaks turn out to be true. We’ll be sure to update you with any additional leaks regarding Black Ops Cold War here at Daily Esports.

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