Black Ops Cold War leaks: Old Prestige system not returning

There are certainly a number of changes that fans didn’t like about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, one of the changes that caused more of a stir than others was the removal of the Prestige system. The feature was in every Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare in 2007, and fans didn’t appreciate this change. The system was replaced by a seasonal rank, which simply didn’t have the same allure for most fans. However, despite this sentiment, a new leak suggests Treyarch isn’t bringing back Prestiges in Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War to reportedly not feature Prestiges

This was a leak that surfaced quite some time ago. Of course, far-out rumors that pop up are more likely to be false, so it wasn’t taken too seriously. Although, the same rumor has popped up again, and this time, it’s much closer to the game’s release.

According to prominent leaker MW2 Ghost, the old system of prestiging is “likely not returning.” This comes from a source that has been extremely accurate in the months leading up to Black Ops Cold War.

For fans of the older titles in the franchise, this isn’t the best of news. Modern Warfare opted for this change and it hasn’t been received all too well. The seasonal rank that Modern Warfare has allows you to keep your weapons and items at level 55, but there’s little to work for after that happens.

If this leak is indeed accurate, Treyarch needs to ensure that there’s an ample amount of progression. While it wouldn’t be the same as prestiging, it would be an improvement over what Modern Warfare features. Perhaps we’ll hear more about this leak at the worldwide multiplayer reveal on September 9.

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