CBLoL Franchise Teams Revealed: LOUD Secures Slot, Vivo Keyd Out

Riot Games Brazil revealed Friday the line-up of teams participating in the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends (CBLoL).

Those teams are paiN Gaming, INTZ, KaBuM e-Sports, Flamengo Esports, Falkol Prodigy, FURIA Esports, LOUD, RED Canids, Rensga, and Cruzeiro

The list does not include traditional League of Legends teams Vivo Keyd and Team oNe, nor teams that have held a strong presence recently in the league such as Santos HotForex. Black Dragons, another traditional Brazilian organization, was also left out, but it never held a LoL team slot before. 

Having presented a big expansion project and investments, Havan Liberty has also been left out the list. Final Level/Gamelanders, despite the recent investments in esports, also did not secure a spot in the league.

New organizations in the League of Legends scene such as LOUD and Cruzeiro have entered the franchised league.

The list of applying organizations that were not approved includes Vivo Keyd, Team oNe, Havan Liberty, Santos HotForex, Gamelanders/Final Level, Black Hawks, Black Dragons, and Redemption.

Friday’s announcement was made weeks ahead of schedule; it was originally set to be announced on Oct. 25. Read more details on how Riot games’ selection process here.

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