Darshan changes his name back to ZionSpartan ahead of 2020 Spring Split

It’s been almost five years since the last time we’ve seen the name ZionSpartan on the Rift, but top laner Darshan Upadhyaya will play under the name once more for the upcoming season.

“When I changed my name initially from ZionSpartan to Darshan, it was because I thought having a gamer name wasn’t cool,” ZionSpartan said. “To me, changing my name [back] is kind of embracing that, and that’s something I’ve been trying to do more is embracing my flaws.”

Golden Guardians on Twitter

Don’t call him @DarshanU, call him ZionSpartan https://t.co/0AkSFXX97r

ZionSpartan is a name that most longtime LCS fans remember fondly. It was the first IGN that the top laner used in the league, and was the name he had when he won his first LCS championship with Counter Logic Gaming. ZionSpartan made his initial name change to Darshan in 2015 after CLG dropped out of Worlds in the group stage.

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