Diana and Leona finally revealed with Call of the Mountain expansion

We just need to wait four more days until the official release of the Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion, and Riot Games keep revealing all the details day by day.

After the announcement of Nocturne, with the Nightfall keyword, new spells, and cards, another keyword was unveiled to come with the expansion next August 26th: Daybreak.

This new keyword brought the Solari to Legends of Runeterra, with four new collectible cards, and it was just a matter of time for Leona to be announced… and so it happened.

When the day breaks, so shall the heretics. pic.twitter.com/cr7TMI5suo

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) August 20, 2020


Leona will join the Targon champion roster in Legends of Runeterra continuing the Daybreak mechanics, with a four-mana-cost champion card and 3/5 in her stats. Her Daybreak ability allows her to stun the strongest enemy.

She will reach her leveled form when we have activated Daybreak more than four times. This leveled form consists of a four-mana-cost champion unit with 4/6 in stats that also has Daybreak effects, and also will stun the strongest enemy every time we activate a new Daybreak.

Apart from the four followers that Riot previously announced, Leona brings new spells to our decks:


  • Leona’s Morning Light: a five-mana-cost Slow spell that grants our allies +2|+2 in stats for one round and shuffles a Leona into our decks. The Daybreak ability activates all the Daybreak effects at once.
  • Zenith Blade: a three-mana-cost Slow spell that grants an ally +1|+2 in stats and deals Overwhelm. With the Daybreak ability, it draws a new Zenith Blade in our hand.
  • Sunburst: a six-mana-cost Slow spell that deals 6 damage to a unit. With the Daybreak ability, we can choose to Silence the enemy for one round and deal 6 to it.
  • Guiding Touch: a two-mana-cost Burst spell that heals 2 to an ally or our nexus and allows us to draw 1.

With an amazing cinematic, Riot Games showed us at the beginning of the “spoiler period” that Leona, leader of the Solari, was coming together with her opposite in the lore: Diana, leader of the Lunari.

Some Lunari followers were first announced to come with Call of the Mountain expansion:

The Lunari follow the wisdom of the moon—and are emboldened at night. pic.twitter.com/f4bF2SjDsC

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) August 21, 2020


Three new collectible cards will join the Targon region in Legends of Runeterra: Lunari Duskbringer, Lunari Shadestalker, and Crescent Guardian.

  • Lunari Duskbringer: a one-mana-cost unit with 2/1 stats that creates a Duskpetal Dust in hand when summoned.
  • Lunari Shadestalker: a two-mana-cost unit with 2/3 in stats and the Nightfall ability, that grants itself Elusive.
  • Crescent Guardian: a three-mana-cost unit with 3/3 in stats and Overwhelm. The Nightfall ability will grant it +2|+0 in stats.

Also, a new Burst Spell called Duskpetal Dusk will join the Lunari roster. A one-mana-cost spell that allows us to play the next unit with Nightfall for a cost reduced by 1.

Finally, Diana was revealed today:

Night falls, and the Lunari rise. pic.twitter.com/s5ZQ9P0nKi

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) August 22, 2020


Diana will join the Targon region roster in Legends of Runeterra continuing with the Nightfall mechanics, with a two-mana-cost champion card and 2/2 in stats. The newest champion comes with Quick Attack and her Nightfall ability grants her Challenger for one round.

Diana reaches her leveled form when we have activated Nightfall more than four times. This leveled form is also a two-mana-cost card with 3/3 in stats and Quick Attack. The Nightfall ability grants her +2|+3 in stats and Challenger for one round when another Nightfall is activated.

Apart from the three followers presented before, Diana comes with more new stuff:


  • Diana’s Pale Cascade: a two-mana-cost Burst Spell that grants an ally +2|+1 in stats for one round and shuffles a Diana into our deck. The Nightfall ability allows us to draw 1.
  • Cygnus the Moonstalker: a six-mana-cost unit with 4/2 in stats and the Nightfall ability, that grants him and an ally Elusive for one round.
  • Hush: a three-mana-cost burst spell that silences a unit for one round and creates a fleeting Hush in hand.
  • Poro Cannon: a free-cost burst spell that we can only play if we discard 1. It will also create 2 Daring Poros in hand.

These are all the Champions, Followers, and Spells we have for now, but also new emotes have been revealed to be available with the Call of the Mountain expansion:

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