Dota 2: Patch 7.23d is out

Outlanders has just recieved another new balance update including more changes to neutral items and a big change to the passive gold mechanics.

After the Outlanders Update changed the way we play Dota 2, there have been a couple of small balance updates after that. The most recent, 7.23d, just dropped and it includes balancings for the Neutral Items and Heroes.

So, what changes does 7.23d bring us now?

General Changes

The first big change is related to the passive gold. As you know, 7.23 added a faster accumulation of it that scales with the level. However, it seems like this was too strong because 7.23d removes this feature. You will still get passive gold but it won’t scale up.

Hero XP bounty and Outpost experience have also been reduced. Lastly, you can now buy only one Tome of Knowledge at 10 minutes.

Neutral Items Changes

There have been a number of changes to neutral items in 7.23d, including plenty of nerfs.

Firstly, Elixir is no longer available in Dota 2. It was actually a pretty cool item but it seems like it caused too many issues. In fact, the same happened to the Helm of Undying. This was a pretty awesome item that basically allowed someone to have a free WK ult. However, sometimes it was a little bit too broken.

Other items such as Orb of Destruction and Nether Shawl also saw nerfs. On the other hand, Illusion’s Cape, as well as a couple of other items are buffed by a little, so definitely check out the entire changelog.

Heroes Changes

Drow Ranger and Treant Protector are the ones with the most changes.

Firstly, Drow’s Multishot damage is down from 185% on level 4, to 165%. What’s more, her level 15 talent now provides 12 instead of 14 agility and lastly, her 25 talent’s cooldown reduction is now 40% instead of 50%.

As for Treant, the first change is related to his Leech Seed. Now, it costs 110 mana instead of 80 and it has longer cooldowns on the first three levels. Also, his Overgrowth has a fixed 100 seconds cooldown, up from 70.

The other heroes that have some changes are Bloodseeker, Crystal Maiden, Outworld Devourer, and Lina.

Be sure to read the entire changelog HERE.

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