Dota 2's new hero Hoodwink gets her first set of nerfs

It’s just been a day since Dota 2 patch 7.28 was released and the new hero, Hoodwink, has already proven to be overpowered, running riot in pubs. But having seen that, the wise IceFrog has brought out the first set of nerfs for the crafty hero that will bring her down a notch and make her a less of a menace in the days to come.

The nerfs target her base agility, two of her most annoying skills and the level 20 talent. The reduction in 4 agility brings down her starting damage as she is an agility hero, and makes last hitting more challenging in the lane.

Acorn Shot has the potential to do a lot of damage, especially if Hoodwink has damage items. The nerf to the bonus damage and the bounces will keep the damage in check, which can get overwhelming in the early to mid game.

Reduction to the Bushwhack range and radius will make it lot harder to land the stun. The early kill potential from the Acord Shot and Bushwack combination has taken a hit after these nerfs.

According to Dotabuff, Hoodwink has had a 51.38% win rate and 85.29% pick rate (not surprising, there’s one in nearly every game) in her first day. While she is being played in every lane, it seems the most successful lane for her is the offlane, where her presence and win rate has been the highest. While she can be played as a mid hero, position 3 and 4 are roles that suit her more.

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