EA Reveals Apex Legends Player Numbers, Viewership Milestone Ahead of ALGS Championship Group Stage – The Esports Observer

Electronic Arts announced Monday player and viewership numbers for its free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends,  along with details on the upcoming Group Stage for the ALGS Championship.

First the numbers: EA announced that Apex Legends surpassed 100M players in April, and its ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs surpassed the franchise’s previously most-watched competition by more than 50%, generating a cumulative 100K average minute audience across player streams and its official broadcast. 

This news comes in advance of the Group Stage for ALGS Championship, which is set to get underway May 22 in APAC North, APAC South, and South America. Group Stage competition for EMEA and North America will take place June 1-2.

A total of 40 teams will compete in each of the North America and EMEA Championships, while 30 teams will make up the APAC North, APAC South, and South America Championships. When the Group Stage concludes, the total points accumulated will determine which 20 teams from each region advance to their respective Championship Finals. 

The Championship Finals will use the match point format and award the entirety of the USD $1M USD prize pool.

Finally, EA announced some of its alternative language broadcast partners for the Group Stage and finals including En Corto Gamers (Spanish) and Fennel (Japanese – championship finals only) for North America; Maincast (Russian) in EMEA; Mildom and CyberZ (Japanese) for APAC North; Longshot (English) and FPSthailand (Thai) for APAC South; and Bad Bad Leroy (Portuguese) and En Corto Gamers (Spanish) for South America.

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