ESL reveals changes to Intel Grand Slam; regional events will not count

ESL has announced changes to its Intel Grand Slam points accumulation. With the current COVID-19 global pandemic preventing many events from taking place on LAN and therefore being locked by region, ESL has adjusted course.

“Results from regionally split events with multiple champions do not count towards the Intel Grand Slam,” the official post from VP of Pro Gaming Michal Blicharz states. This will stay in effect until otherwise stated by ESL.

With North American, European, and other regions unable to compete against each other, separate winners have been had across the world, taking away from the real meaning behind the Intel Grand Slam. “The vision behind the Intel Grand Slam is to reward the world’s most dominant team.  Tournaments with multiple winners in multiple divisions do not point to the world’s best team with enough clarity,” Blicharz explains.

You can find the current standings below alongside how many events the teams have to grab more points toward the Intel Grand Slam based on their first win.

  • Natus Vincere – 1 trophy, 9 chances remaining
  • Mousesports – 1 trophy, 8 chances remaining
  • Astralis – 1 trophy, 7 chances remaining
  • Fnatic – 1 trophy, 6 chances remaining
  • Evil Geniuses – 1 trophy, 5 chances remaining
  • Team Liquid – 1 trophy, 4 chances remaining

Winning four ESL Pro Tour Masters tournament inside ten events, including a Masters Championship (IEM Katowice, ESL One Cologne, or a CSGO Major by ESL or DreamHack) will accomplish the Intel Grand Slam. If it doesn’t include a Masters Championship, six Masters tournaments must be won.

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