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Singapore, an Island city-state, plays an important role in the esports industry due to numerous major publishers having headquarters or offices in the country. These include Blizzard Entertainment (marketing), Electronic Arts (marketing), Garena, Razer, Riot Games, and Ubisoft, amongst numerous other esports organisations and companies. 

According to a report by Tencent and Newzoo, Singapore’s esports audience in 2021 was 0.7 million, a small audience but comparatively high considering its small population of roughly five million.

Singapore-based One Esports’ CEO Carlos Alimurung told Bloomberg that Southeast Asia is the ‘next frontier’ and the ‘vanguard of mobile esports’, and that Singapore was leading that charge due its infrastructure and B2B enterprise landscape. Chris Tran, Riot Games’ Head of Esports for Southeast Asia, has also said that Singapore is an ideal market for global gaming trends.

The country has an extremely advanced internet infrastructure. It has the highest broadband speeds globally, according to the Speedtest Global Index, as well as fast mobile data speeds and high smartphone penetration. High-quality technology infrastructure, government backing and its developed economy make Singapore an important esports country and something of a hub for Southeast Asian esports.

Government Recognition

The Singapore Esports Association (SGEA) is the national governing body for esports in Singapore and is the National Sports Association (NSA) for esports. Although esports has not been officially declared or recognised a sport by the government, NSA’s act as the sanctioning representatives and custodians of their respective sports in Singapore. NSA’s are designated by Sporting Singapore, a statutory board of the government’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

SGEA is also part of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), which sent representatives to the 2021 Southeast Asian Games for esports events. The Government of Singapore’s anti-doping rules published by Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) are also applicable as rules of the Singapore Esports Association.


Notable Tournaments & Leagues

Singapore is part of multiple tournament circuits and leagues that cater to or have Asian legs. In recent years, some major Tier 1 tournaments have also been held inside Singapore, including the Free Fire World Series 2021, One Esports Singapore Major and the Global Esports Games.

Free Fire World Series 2021 SingaporeRLCS 2021-22: Asia-Pacific (APAC) South
FUT Champions CupSEA Icon Series
Garena Masters 2022The International 11 (upcoming)
Global Esports Games 2021VALORANT Champions Tour: APAC Challengers
ONE Esports Singapore MajorVALORANT Champions Tour: Malaysia & Singapore Challengers


Notable Esports Organisations

Note that this is a non-exhaustive list and exclusion does not signify an org is not notable.

Paper RexTeam SMG


National Associations / Federations

Note that inclusion in this list does not suggest any acknowledgement from ESI of its authority, works or official capacity.

Global Esports Federation (GEF) (Singapore-headquartered)Singapore Esports Association (SGEA)
Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA)Singapore Games Association (SGGA)


Education Initiatives

Singapore has multiple academy programmes that are available to students of all ages. International school XCL World Academy implements esports as part of its school curriculum across all of its branches.

Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) has formed an esports academy in partnership with the National Youth Council of Singapore to offer social service agency programmes by partnering with schools. It also offers career workshops for young individuals considering esports as a career option. SCOGA also offers adult workshops for parents who want to understand esports careers.

Additionally, there are specialist diploma programmes by Republic Polytechnic and other academic institutions throughout Singapore. The presence of esports in Singapore’s education system has grown significantly over the years thanks to youth programs and exposure to esports.

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