Esports community responds to FORG1VEN stepping down

A few days ago, League of Legends professional player Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou announced that he is stepping down from Schalke 04’s main roster. After only four weeks of play in the LEC, the Greek ADC felt that the team wasn’t willing to make changes in order to win. His stepdown drew a lot of attention, and the announcement on Twitter gained a lot of traction. With that being said, let’s take a look at some interesting responses to FORG1VEN stepping down from the main team.

‘If he always played to win, he shouldn’t have joined this team’

Opinions on FORG1VEN’s unexpected early stepdown are quite mixed. On the one hand, some people are defending him, saying that he couldn’t do anything with this team. Such is the case with former Gambit Gaming support Edward “Edward” Abgaryan. Under FORG1VEN’s announcement, he stated that he doesn’t understand why people criticize FORG1VEN so much. He further added that FORG1VEN couldn’t do much if his other lanes were losing most of the time. Brazilian ADC Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves also commented on Edward’s reply, starting an interesting conversation.

I really dont know why people hard flame @FORG1VENGRE

I watched every single game of SO4 and their mid jungle or support hard griefed and inted 90% of situations of the game.

really disgusting.

I think that if he always played to win he would not join this team

Edward further supported F0RG1VEN by saying he really didn’t have much choice in which team to sign for. Since he spent the last two years in the army and couldn’t play much League, teams weren’t really willing to offer him a contract.

Former TSM coach KC “woodbuck” Woods also chimed in on the conversation, saying he should have taken this as a chance to prove himself, especially attitude-wise. FORG1VEN replied to woodbuck, saying his attitude wasn’t the reason he stepped down.

His choice would be to prove himself and show he not a terrible teammate as his reputation suggests. Elevate your teammates, help them improve, and show you are still top tier ADC and then jump at the better offers once available. Work your ass off through it, not give up.

I wasnt toxic or didnt create anything remotely close to bad atmosphere in the 3 months i was here, everyone can accredit to it.

Woods finished the conversation by saying he doesn’t believe toxicity was the reason for him stepping down. However, he further adds that doing it so early doesn’t help the public’s negative perception of him, even if it might not be true.

Do you think FORG1VEN will be given another chance on a different team or even on Schalke 04? Let us know in the comments below!

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