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Mediatonic has declared war on all Fall Guys cheaters, but thus far, the team’s efforts have not been enough. Honest players have decided that they’re tired of flying beans, growing beans, and beans that can harmlessly phase through obstacles. So, when they find a cheater in their midst, they team up together to ensure the cheater loses—even if that cheater is on their own team.

  • Team scores own goals to stop cheater winning
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      “I wish I could see the hacker raging at the fact that everyone turned against him, including his own team…” Redditor Dustin1280 commented on the video clip.

      Players are even sacrificing themselves in the name of stopping cheaters.

    • Saw the wolf cheating so I had to take one for the team!!
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        However, these solo sacrifices are not enough to deter cheaters. The cheating is still incredibly rampant, and thus began the teaming up to take down cheaters. Players are almost instantly massing together when a cheater pops up. Unfortunately, cheaters are now banding together as well to take out players en masse.

      • Cheaters are now helping each other to force early finals in Seesaw. They have perfected their method and are wearing (recent) legendary skins. Great detection.
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          Developer efforts to stop Fall Guys cheaters

          Mediatonic has said that they are going to implement the same anti-cheat system that Fortnite uses. “We’re expanding the current detection system this week to improve things,” the official Fall Guys account tweeted. “We also have a BIG update in the next couple of weeks that adds the same anti-cheat used by games such as Fortnite. Thanks for bearing with us!”

          Fall Guys‘ current system is supposed to ban cheaters after one game, but many players claim this system does not work. Their proof? Many cheaters, as shown in the video clip above, have legendary skins, which require over 10 wins to purchase. Therefore, these cheaters are not getting banned after one game; they’ve been playing for some time. Fall Guys players hope that by implementing Fortnite‘s anti-cheat system, it will stop or at least slow down the number of cheaters currently seen.

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