Fortnite Patch 16.10: Primal & Makeshift Shotgun Changes, Crafting Adjustments

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6’s first update has arrived.

Epic Games dropped the latest Fortnite Battle Royale installment two weeks ago. The new crafting and animal taming mechanics led the way, which fit in nicely with this season’s “Primal” theme. Season 6 also featured a collection of new weapons. Epic included a variety of Primal and Makeshift guns to the loot pool for players to experience.

Patch 16.10 deployed early this morning, and Epic made a conscious effort to address many of the community’s concerns. Some of those include the overpowered Primal Shotgun, inferior Makeshift Shotgun and the general lack of crafting resources. Let’s see what changes came through in the first patch of Season 6.

Primal/Makeshift Shotgun Changes

Fortnite’s competitive scene came out in droves against the game’s latest shotgun addition. The Primal Shotgun possessed a frightening ability to erase an opposing player without missing a beat. Epic used patch 16.10 to reduce the Primal Shotgun’s fire rate for balancing purposes.

Another concern raised revolved around the new Makeshift Shotgun. The weapon possed only two shots per clip, making it a less than ideal option. Epic gave the Makeshift Shotgun a faster pull-out and reload time and increased the clip size to three instead of two.

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Crafting Adjustments

Fortnite Save the World had crafting long before Battle Royale mode, and many were hesitant once the mechanic jumped over. It took only a few days to split the community on whether crafting was a worthy addition. Now, crafting requires fewer resources for certain rarities. To further explain, crafting a Common or Rare weapon won’t cost four Mechanical Parts or Animal Bones. Instead, each option will scale with the Makeshift rarity.

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Locating the necessary resources to craft became an issue. The developers have now added Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones as floor loot. This adjustment should make crafting more optimal since players no longer need to rely on farming cars and slaying animals to make it worthwhile.

Moving Storm Circles in Non-Competitive Matches

Public matches in Fortnite have slowly deteriorated over time. It’s not very often that lobbies have more than 20 players left when the third circle closes. Games usually end before the intensity elevates. Update 16.10 has brought back moving zones in public matches. Although this might not make public matches competitive like in the past, it’s a welcomed experiment for those non-Arena players.

Raptors Added

Multiple teases have finally built up to the addition of Raptors in Fortnite. It was only a matter of time before Epic brought these prehistoric hunters into the mix, especially given the Primal tag on this season. Like Wolves and Boars, players can tame Raptors and use them against their enemies.

Spring Breakout

The year 2021 marks Fortnite’s first-ever spring-themed event. Dubbed Spring Breakout, fans can get their hands on some new Easter items, including an Egg Launcher and character cosmetics. Refer to our Spring Breakout breakdown for more information!

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Bug Fixes

Here is the complete list of bug fixes addressed in patch 16.10:

Battle Royale

  • Split Screen “Ready Up!” issue.
  • Duplicate XP notifications with Legendary Quests in a party.
  • Anomaly may not appear on Shark Island.
  • Chapter 2 Season 5 Legacies missing.
  • Opening the inventory will cancel Tap to Search/Interact/Revive actions.
  • Character Quests not counting for progression.
  • Stackable items are not split when Shift-Dragged.


  • A.I. can get stuck in obstacles.
  • Player portal appears as “Creative Don’t Fill.”

Jump into Fortnite now to experience all of the changes in its latest patch. We’ll be sure to update this post if we discover anything further!

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