Geek Fam close the doors until “there is a visible future for Dota 2 and the DPC”

Geek Fam becomes the second Southeast Asia Dota 2 team to shut down its activity this week, citing logistical and more importantly financial issues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the indefinite cancellation of the Dota Pro Circuit.

Just like Reality Rift, who made a similar announcement on the 1st of September, Geek Fam were just breaking the thin line between the tier two and tier one competitive scene in their region. Founded at the end of 2016, Geek Fam made huge progress through the last year. In the short-lived 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit season they qualified for the WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020, placing third there, and managed to clinch a spot to the ESL One Los Angeles Major, unfortunately, the first Major of the season that got cancelled.

Geek Fam recalls their emotions and their journey to and back from Los Angeles from March 2020:

“Our team and management worked tirelessly to prepare our players for their visa interviews. After the initial celebration of clearing the USA Visa Qualifiers, all the excitement built up, when we went to Los Angeles a week before the Major started to avoid possible jet lag and practise with other teams. It brought us huge disappointment when the Covid lockdown in the USA was announced just 36 hours before the tournament was due to start. The announcement pushed us to the edge, and we had to fly out 24 hours after the announcement with only emotional baggage to carry back with us. We said goodbye to each other and ESL One LA, and flew all our players back to their respective countries.”

With everyone playing from their homes, Geek Fam became a fierce opponent in the several online tournaments held over the last couple of months for teams from Asia and Southeast Asia. They placed 4th in the online version of ESL One Los Angeles, came in 2nd at ESL SEA Championship 2020, 3rd in the first season of BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia and won the second season. They won the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League with a 3-1 grand finals score over Fnatic in July, but also got bested 2-0 most recently by Fnatic, who eliminated them earlier this week from ESL One Thailand Online in the top 8.

ESL One Thailand marks the last tournament for Geek Fam, who stated in their official announcement from today, September 4, 2020 that “it is very difficult for us to continue with the indefinite delay for TI10 and Dota Pro Circuit, and added:

“With no updates to the Dota Pro Circuit up until now, we have decided to put a pause on our Dota 2 journey. Once there is a visible future for Dota 2 and the DPC, we will be back, but until then, we say goodbye to our geeks. To Kuku, Karl, Xepher, Whitemon and even Raven, Ryoya and Dubu. Thank you for being part of the fam and you know it as well as we do, Once A Geek, Always A Fam!”

Geek Fam disbanded roster:

Karl “Karl” Jayme
Carlo “Kuku” Palad
Kenny “Xepher” Deo
Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon


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