Ghostik talks the departure from B8, goals for 2021 and the DPC system and rules

Team Unique offlane player Andrii “Ghostik” Kadyk has recently had an extended interview with the Russian outlet, where he talked pretty much all aspects of his competitive career since Team Empire days and the hiccups at The International to the present Team Unique roster with which he is competing in the CIS Upper Division of DPC Regional League.

Ghostik made his debut into the professional scene back in 2015, and while he bounced between several CIS organizations along the years, the time spent at Team Empire brought him the recognition as one of the best offlane players from his region. It was also during his time under the Empire banner when he got to play for the first time on The International stage. While Ghostik says that he experienced both pleasant and unhappy moments with Empire during his two-year stint with them, he sees that period as the “most productive” of his career. He also told cybersport that although there were many negative aspects at that time with the team, he now thinks back to those years with a “slightly nostalgic, warm feeling.“

Moving closer to the present days, cybersport touched on the less successful run with B8. Ghostik was a part of the starting roster and he was there when B8 went through a rather painful losing streak. But when asked why the line-up performed so badly, he couldn’t point out a certain factor that led to over 20 lost games. He mentioned however, that the team was “simply unable to coordinate on macro aspects and that “greatly affected“ their game.  The “colossal lose streak is a shame” for every player on that roster he says, especially that, according to him, the practice matches always went well, but when they played official games “something strange was happening.”

“Even now, when I analyze what happened, I cannot name one reason for the failure. Rather, a combination of many individual factors is to blame,” Ghostik added.

After his departure from B8, Ghostik took the pandemic “offseason” to rest, reset his mindset and recharge his batteries for the new season. However, he didn’t stay completely outside the game and besides playing in small stacks every now and then, he focused on his YouTube channel where he uploads a hero guide on a weekly basis. Despite being a bit busier now, with the DPC kicking off, he still respects the schedule on YouTube as he explains that it takes him only about three hours to make a video.

Helped by Daxak and Bad Playa to put his idea in practice, and who taught him how to edit and upload the videos, Ghostik says that he put the project in motion driven by the fact that when he started to play competitively, he didn’t find too much content from professional players who would explain important aspects of the game. “I share my experience and knowledge to the best of my ability – it is clear that it will not work to tell about everything in the video, but I always indicate the main points,” Ghostik said, adding that by doing those videos it also helps him to “pay closer attention to the game aspects that I have not noticed before. In addition, I analyze some of the clips in the video based on the matches of other players, so I actively follow the competitors.”

Speaking about studying the competition, Ghostik explained that for Team Unique, their coach, Arseniy “ArsZeeqq” Usov watches the replays from other teams, analyzes the mistakes, and helps them in training matches. ArsZeeqq is also in charge of the Team Unique drafts, but he is also consulting with Danil “Bignum” Shekhovtsov in that regard.

Asked about what his goal is for this year, Ghostik said that his priority is The International. He is not looking at the prize pool as a motivation, but rather at the status that playing at TI brings to a player while he also wants to get to experience again the emotions that TI brings with it.

“I do not want to say ‘I want to win The International,’ it goes without saying that any player wants that. But getting to this tournament and showing everything I can do there is my priority and the goal I strive for.

Cybersport touched many topics with Ghotik, the new DPC system and format being also discussed. He expressed himself as satisfied with the overall changes brought. Although there is room for improvement, he pointed out that the way the DPC is run now is a true incentive for the teams to do their best “to develop, overcome the problems and not break up” after a few losses. Regarding the roster lock rule that forces the teams to keep the same roster for a whole season, Ghostik explained once again that this way Valve tries to protect the players, but at the same time he doesn’t entirely likes the fact that right now the teams can in fact play four of the six league matches with a stand-in. He would have preferred that no changes at all to be allowed.

More about the DPC new system, about his adventure at TI7 when Team Empire reached top 8 with Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok standing in at the last minute, and about his current team, can be found on

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