Here are the Legends of Runeterra open beta patch notes

The open beta version of Legends of Runeterra, the new digital card game from Riot Games, has finally arrived with a bunch of upgrades, nerfs, changes, and tweaks. 

Riot launched LoR today for players who had early access and it’s open to the public starting tomorrow. From this point forward, there are no more resets. But there have been a bunch of changes and updates made to the CCG since the two preview betas.

From a revised economic system and ranked play to over 20 updated cards and visual upgrades, the LoR open beta essentially has a fresh new look.

LoR monetization system

Leading up to the release of the LoR open beta, there’s been confusion regarding how the monetization system works and if the game is truly free-to-play. To resolve this, Riot has included updates to XP earned, increases in shard value, earned expedition tokens, and the prices of coins within the LoR store. 

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