How to claim Tyrande for free in Hearthstone

Christmas is coming early for Hearthstone fans. In the wake of the release Descent of Dragons, Blizzard Entertainment is welcoming the return of Tyrande Whisperwind.

The dazzling Night Elf Priest hero will be available for free on Dec. 10 onward and will be accessible through Hearthstone’s new and improved in-game store.

The redesigned store aims to improve navigation for players and will include bundles, card packs, alternate heroes, and more in a single location. Blizzard will also add Wild card packs to it with a quick and easy option to purchase using gold.

Tyrande was first made available through a promotion with Twitch Prime in 2016. She was limited to only a few countries though, to the disdain of the community. The next year, Blizzard made her available in South East Asia, but then she was subsequently removed weeks later.

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