Invictus Gaming reveal their rosters

The Chinese shuffle is about to come to an end and with the China Dota2 Pro Cup set to start this coming Thursday, September 17, the biggest organizations in the region are almost ready to reveal their new line-ups.

From those invited to the China Dota2 Pro Cup, Invictus Gaming are one of the first to announce their final line-ups. They made no change to the main team, which is directly invited to the tournament, but the secondary team, iG.Vitality, will start the “new season” with a revamped roster.

Invictus Gaming roster:

  • Jin “flyfly” Zhiyi
  • Zhou “Emo” Yi
  • Thiay “JT-” Jun Wen
  • Hu “kaka” Liangzhi
  • Chan “Oli~” Chon Kien

For iG.Vitality, the organization announced three new players, the only two remaining from the previous roster being the midlaner, Ni “ButterflyEffect” Weijie and Zhou “Dust” Shiyuan, who will now make a role swap and move from the carry role to position four support.

iG. Vitality roster from position 1 to 5:

  • Lin “doodle” Zikai
  • Ni “ButterflyEffect” Weijie
  • Li “Irving” Jian
  • Zhou “Dust” Shiyuan
  • Cui “QYQX” Chenyang

iG.Viatlity’s new roster will enter their first real test today, September 14 in the open qualifiers for a spot at China Dota2 Pro Cup. Some of the most notable other tier two teams fighting in the open qualifiers are Sirius, Aster.Aries, Team Trust and For the Dream (FTD). There are two qualifier slots up for grabs and if iG.Vitality get their hands on one of them, they will be joining the main Vici Gaming team at  China Dota2 Pro Cup.

The tournament will unfold in an online format taking place September 17 – October 1 and will culminate with LAN finals sometime in the first week of October. According to ImbaTV, the tournament organizers, the LAN finals will take place on October 5 with 100-200 spectators, but the city and the venue hosting the LAN are yet to be decided.


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