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Twitch streamer Richard “KingRichard” Nelson announced that he has signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming. The content creator is currently known for his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare streams, with over 1.5 million followers and almost 39 million views.

Talent management company Loaded facilitated the transition, with the company representing several of the largest on the platform, including Shroud, Ninja, and Timthetatman.


KingRichard signs with Facebook Gaming

Richard “KingRichard” Nelson commented in a Tubefilter interview:

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, so it was easy for me to jump at this opportunity to significantly grow my brand through gaming and original content. There’s also a lot of flexibility with how I’m able to distribute my content. I’m able to livestream on both Facebook Gaming and Instagram Live, which is huge for me as a father.

KingRichard first began streaming on Twitch in 2014 with MMORPG titles like Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, and Black Desert Online. He eventually saw huge success while playing Apex Legends and Fortnite – even competing in several tournaments. No further information is available about the transition. All we have is a short statement about his initial stream on the new platform.

Live streaming war not over?

Leo Olebe, Facebook’s Global Director of Games Partnerships, added:

We’re focused on building positive, welcoming communities around gaming, and KingRichard’s unbridled positivity is a perfect fit for the platform. While all competitive live streamers teach by example, KingRichard is one who will really take the time to teach his fans how to level up their in-game skills.

KingRichard is the latest signing to Facebook Gaming and joins others like Disguised Toast, Corinna Kopf, Ronda Rousey, and more. The recent shutdown of Microsoft-owned streaming service Mixer has contributed to its growth. Subsequently, Facebook Gaming has grown 75% in hours watched from Q1 to Q2 2020.

Facebook Gaming currently holds 12% of market share, with Youtube at 22% and Twitch at 66%, according to a recent report by stream analytics firm Stream Hatchet.

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