KuroKy's return to the Nigma roster ends with a 1-2 loss againt mudgolems in Epic League

Team Nigma had something to celebrate as they kicked off their Epic League run against mudgolems – the return of captain KuroKy to the roster after he took a hiatus for health reasons for around five months. But while the news was a postive for the team and the Team Nigma supporters, the comeback series against mudgolems did not go according to plan. While Nigma won the first game, mudgolems stepped it up in the next two games to win the series 2-1. This was mudgolems’ second series of the tournament, after a the first one ended in a 1-2 loss against Team Secret.

mudgolems do it again 🤯🤯🤯#EPICLeague pic.twitter.com/MKKOaz2au2

Game 1 of the series was a comfortable win for Nigma. Even though Anti-Mage was their win condition, they had to finish it early considering there was a Spectre on the other side, and they did just that by finishing the game before the half hour mark.

In game 2, Nigma let the Faceless Void through, who is the most picked and most successful carry of this meta, while picking an Ursa for themselves, who hasn’t been the best of picks in this patch. As most would expect, mudgolems took the game without too much trouble.

Game 3 was a much closer game, once again though, with some questionable pick choices by Nigma. They had the last pick in the draft and went for a Luna, a hero who isn’t seen much these days, and that too against her natural counter, Shadow Demon. MiLAN did the Shadow Demon pick justice and by making the best of the Luna Disruption illusions, ending up with a score of 13/8/14, with the most number of kills on his team.

While it was a rough start for Kuro and the boys, they do have a chance to get back to winning ways tomorrow, on the 15th of November when they play OG. Mudgolems’ next game won’t be until the 19th of November, when they will face Vikin.gg, who defeated Team Secret 2-0 today.

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