LCS power rankings: 2020 Spring Split week 3

How the mighty have fallen. In contrast to our LEC power rankings, in which G2 Esports continue to dominate that league, Liquid have tumbled out of the top two in the LCS edition. Going 0-2 in week three with one of those losses to Golden Guardians in primetime will do that. 

In fact, it’s more impressive now that they’re still third rather than much lower in our power rankings. A lot of that—OK, nearly all of it—is due to what happened last week to the teams below them in the rankings. After we saw a lot of stability in week two, multiple LCS teams apparently decided that week three was a fine time for a vacation. 

To sort through this absolute mess of a region, our League experts ranked each team from one point (worst) to 10 points (best). Here’s how things shook out:

Rank Team Points Rank Change
1) Cloud9 60
2) TSM 51 +3
3) Team Liquid 48 -1
4) Dignitas 43 -1
5) FlyQuest 34 -1
6) Immortals 29 +1
7) 100 Thieves 28 -1
8) Evil Geniuses 19
9) CLG 10
10) Golden Guardians 8

It looks like our staff responded to a week of confusing losses by mostly keeping teams where they were. But if certain squads continue to underperform, we’ll drop them like it’s hot. 

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