League Of Legends Superstar Faker To Miss Out On 2020 World Championship

League of Legends’ greatest player of all time has failed to make the 2020 World Championship after getting swept by Gen.G in the regional qualifiers.

T1 was never quite able to continue their spring split success into summer. The team finished fourth in the regular season with a 13-5 record. Because of their inability to compete with the top teams, T1 decided to make some roster changes near the end of the season. Veteran mid-laner, Faker, was benched for the 17-year-old rookie Clozer. The rookie showed some promise near the end of the season, but he was put back on to the bench after a loss to Afreeca Freecs in the wild card round of the playoffs. Even with Faker’s return, T1 lost the series and was forced to win the regional qualifiers in order to compete at the World Championship.

More roster changes came prior to the regional qualifiers. The team replaced Cuzz and Teddy for a pair of rookies, Ellim and Gumayusi. Fans were baffled at the roster move considering T1 placed all of their World Championship hopes in the hands of two rookies. Even more baffling is the fact that Cuzz and Teddy’s performances never seemed to warrant a benching. Both players were crucial to T1’s victories. Regardless, the two rookies did play well in the first round of the regional qualifiers, eager to show fans that the roster decisions were correct.

Unfortunately for T1 fans, the success was short-lived. Faker and crew needed to defeat the third-place team, Gen.G in order to advance. Gen.G’s jungler, Clid, and AD carry, Ruler, outclassed their opponents. While Faker had some incredible moments throughout the series, his heroics never amounted to a single victory for T1 as they were swept by Gen.G.

T1’s failures stemmed from nearly every aspect of the game. Drafts rarely had any clear direction, fights and skirmishes felt poorly thought out, and individual players consistently mismanaged waves and misplayed fights. The team ended up relying on individual players, usually Faker, to single-handedly carry a game. Sadly, fans need to wait another year to see Faker and T1 attempt to regain their former international dominance.

Sources: LoL Esports

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