Lee Sin player pulls off smooth dragon steal and escape with help from Blitzcrank

One of the most thrilling plays people can pull off in League of Legends has to be a dragon or Baron steal—and it’s even better if you can somehow get away afterward. A Lee Sin player was able to pull off a beautiful dragon steal earlier today with the help of his Blitzcrank.

In the clip, Lee Sin, Blitzcrank, and Kai’Sa are all set up on the other side of the dragon pit ready for a steal attempt. As the dragon’s health lowered, Blitzcrank placed a ward in the pit, just out of range of a nearby control ward—this was key for Lee Sin to time his jump in.

Clean Lee Sin dragon steal feat. Blitzcrank

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With the dragon at around 1,827 HP, Lee Sin ward jumped into the pit and threw his Q, hitting the enemy Shyvana. As he activated the second part of the ability, Blitzcrank rocket grabbed the enemy jungler at the same time. With incredible timing, Lee Sin was able to smite the dragon for his team. He was also able to escape via the Shyvana, who was pulled out of the pit and into safety.

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