Loading Creates New Esports Show With YouTubers and Casters

Months after firing its whole esports coverage team, Brazilian broadcast TV channel Loading, which relies on esports as one of its pillars, announced a new show for its schedule. Named MVP – O Melhor do Esport (translated as The Best of Esport), it will be presented by local YouTubers and casters, including the Esports Awards 2020 nominee Ana Xisdê, in opposition to the last team which featured mainly esports journalists.

Loading’s CEO Thiago Garcia spoke to The Esports Observer regarding this choice, making it clear that the channel gave up on journalism: “The core of the esports editorial by Loading is entertainment. We aim to bring content to the fandoms with a focus on a positive agenda based on the purpose of the company, which is to share entertainment across all channels on the platform. As this is a fundamental point of Loading’s mission, the recruitment of talents that make up all the programs in the house is based on the affinity with the company’s purpose. This is reflected in the casting of the MVP, as in other programs in the house.”

The whole esports journalism crew was fired in December after having their daily show, the Metagaming, aired only twice. Loading’s management did not like the fact that the team, which was formed of some of the main esports journalists in the country, was not only producing positive news but also digging into structural stories of the local scene, seeking to make a show on the level of the main television newscasts.

One of the points learned by TEO when investigating the story of the Metagaming crew firing was that the channel did not count on the proper equipment for today’s TV production, obliging the team to improvise with equipment from the 2000s. Regarding this subject, Garcia told that “Loading is a newly created mediatech that is constantly moving and updating. We are always investing in structure, equipment, and new technology to, above all, accompany a market that is always evolving and deliver to the public the best content in western, oriental, and esports pop culture.”

MVP is aired daily but using an online conference structure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is at its peak in Brazil. Loading’s operation is mostly on home office at the moment and Garcia says that “the return of programs to the studio, including the MVP, will depend on pandemic control and the safety of our team.”

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