New Teamfight Tactics Little Legends include a robot bird, a timid bug, and mini-Galio

Get your wallets ready, Teamfight Tactics fans. New Little Legends are coming.

The TFT Twitter account gave fans a first look today at the new Little Legends hitting the Convergence with Patch 10.1. This new set marks the sixth Little Legends series since the autobattler launched six months ago.

Teamfight Tactics on Twitter

New Little Legends incoming Patch 10.1 Meet Tocker, Craggle, and Flutterbug! 😍😍😍

An adorable robotic bird, called Tocker, is certainly the star of the show. It upgrades into a book-reading Tinker pulsing with electricity. A Little Legends, named Craggle, looks eerily similar to Galio. The carved statue could potentially appeal to fans of the Colossus. And Flutterbug, a pink, insect-like critter rounds out the trio, reminding fans of the voidlings spawned by Malzahar.

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