Pudge Toy Butcher Persona and the Voice of the International announcer pack have arrived

The International 10 Battle Pass owners can finally get their hands on the much-awaited Toy Butcher Persona item for Pudge as well as the Voice of The International announcer pack.

Both have been added in the game today by Valve, less than a week after the release of the Collector’s Cache Volume II.

There is a little bit of grind to be done for those who want the Pudge Persona as it unlocks at level 255 in the Battle Pass. Much like the Anti-Mage Persona, the item locks all the hero cosmetic slots, which means that it can’t be combined with any of the already existing items for pudge. Toy Butcher brings an all-new model for Pudge, new voice lines and new hero animations.

The Voice of The International announcer pack is a little bit easier to obtain as it unlocks at level 75. The announcer pack contains the basic in-game announcer and the Mega-Kill announcer.

With these two TI10 Battle Pass features released today as well as the Collector’s Cache II released last week, The International 10 prize pool is likely to surpass last year’s value in matter of days. As of now, the prize pool is less than a million dollars behind from last year’s record of $34,330,068.

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