Riot Games Korea Reveals Top Candidates for its 2021 Franchised LCK

Riot Games Korea, the operator of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), published a list of ten preferred organizations to participate in the upcoming 2021 franchised LCK. All current teams but one, APE Sports’ SeolHaeOne Prince, are on the shortlist. The only team currently not competing in the LCK to make it onto the preferred list is Brion Esports’ team hyFreshBlade.

Initially, 23 organizations applied for a franchise slot in the LCK. Two of those organizations decided to partner with other applicants since then, the Pittsburgh Knights and the Treasure Hunter. Of the remaining 21 applications, Riot Games Korea revealed the following list of preferred organizations following its evaluation of all applications:


TeamOperated by
Damwon GamingADE Sports
Afreeca FreecsAfreecaTV
hyFresh BladeBrion Esports
Gen.G esportsGen.G esports
Hanwha Life EsportsHanwha Life Insurance
KT RolsterKT Sports
Sandbox GamingSandbox Gaming
T1SK Telecom CS
Team DynamicsTeam Dynamics

Furthermore, the league operator published a waiting list of five additional teams, including current LCK team SeolHaeOne Prince:


Waitlist PositionTeamOperated by
1SeolHaeOne PrinceAPE Sports
2Element MysticBigpicture Gaming
3Jin Air GreenwingsSema Esports
4Awesome SpearSono Hotel & Resort
5OZ GamingOptimumzone Esports

Starting from Sept. 9, organizations on the preferred shortlist and waitlist have time to negotiate their terms of joining the 2021 LCK franchise system. If a preferred organization can”t come to an agreement with Riot Games Korea, they will be dropped and their slot will be passed to the next candidate on the waitlist. Finalized organizations will be announced in mid-October.

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