Riot Games strengthens its anti-AFK system with Patch 11.3

If anything has been a problem for Riot Games and the Community when it comes to talking about League of Legends, it has always been the toxic behaviors of some players. Especially those who go AFK, ruining many games and making good players lose the will to continue playing the game.

That is why the video game company has made great efforts to combat these attitudes, implementing new tools and new policies in its most famous game.

One of the biggest changes we have recently had came with one of the last updates of the last season: Patch 10.24, which introduced a new system to combat AFKing:

But that is not enough for Riot Games, and they have introduced new tools to penalize AFK players in the upcoming Patch 11.3.

At least that is what Riot’s Gameplay Design Director for League of Legends, Mark Yetter, has announced through a tweet, which says as follows:

PSA – in 11.3 we added additional LP penalties for AFKing or leaving games. Repeatedly AFKing will ramp this penalty up over time.

With a little more skin in the game, hopefully a potential leaver will think twice about ruining a game for their team.

Leavers never prosper

— Mark Yetter (@MarkYetter) February 11, 2021

As you can see in the tweet above, all these players who leave the game or don’t even start it will be further penalized after the next Patch 11.3 is released, while those who repeat this behavior will have their penalties ramped up as well…

We still need to wait a little bit to know how this new system will be implemented, and how these penalties will be, but at least we can be sure that toxicity might decrease soon.

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