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Spirit Blossom was a successful League of Legends event, and it’s kick-starting new developments for future themes. Riot Games released their new plan on upcoming events in their recent developer’s blog post. These updates include new thematic developments, passes, and more.

Themes are what makes League of Legends skins, events, and game modes come to life. Players have a chance to experience new worlds and champion storylines. This gives the game substance that allows for immersive player experiences. This year, Riot released three new thematics: Mecha Kingdoms, Spirit Blossom, and PsyOps. These themes came with their missions, cosmetics, and animated features. After Riot received feedback on these themes, they plan to adjust the next event to touch on everything Spirit Blossom did well on. Additionally, Riot teased one more theme for this year by revealing new sword designs.

State of League of Legends Events

The feedback Riot received regarding their 2019 content has been addressed in the new blog post. This includes a concern in the quality of event production and experience. Because of this, Riot produced the extremely successful Spirit Blossom festival, which included an out-of-game experience. They also revealed that it took almost an entire year to produce such a massive event, so they’re figuring out ways to produce something similar in a shorter time frame. Unfortunately, not every event Riot produces will be in the same caliber as Spirit Blossom, but it helped raise the bar in terms of themes and experience.

The development team also hopes to redesign how event passes work. Riot’s goal is to create an easier system to earn prestige skins and rewards. The current system allows players to grind for prestige through a token system, but sometimes it’s difficult if you’re not an everyday player. At the moment, they are interested in making adjustments in the way players can earn content within events.

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