Rocket League RLCSX NA Winter Major: who and where to watch

This coming weekend, Feb. 27 and Feb. 28, the North American Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) will go ahead. Various teams will be duking it out at the Winter Major, over a $100,000 prize pool.

The North American Winter Major is the final event of the RLCSX Winter Split, and the top 11 teams (plus one wildcard) have secured their place in the double-elimination bracket. In the grand final, the team coming from the losers’ bracket will require a bracket reset to win it all. Here’s who to keep an eye on, where to watch, and when all the action is happening.

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Who to watch during this RLCSX Winter Major

The fight for the top of the RLCSX leaderboard is a closely fought one. Four-time RLCS World Champion Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver’s Team Envy, is leading the charge by about 100 points. However, with double the amount of points to be picked up in this major, a good result is vital to remain on top. After all, only the top six teams go to the world championships later this year, and the first-place finisher receives a whopping 802 points. Team Envy has won three out of the last six regional events and weren’t far behind in the remaining tournaments. A first-place finish could see Team Envy start to put some distance between them and the following pack.

But while Team BDS is running laps around the teams over in Europe, it’s much closer in North America. Teams such as Rogue, who won the last regional in spectacular fashion, NRG, SpaceStation Gaming and G2 Esports are breathing down the leaders’ neck. The top six are separated by about 1000 points, which is less than the difference between Europe’s Team BDS, and the second-placed Team Vitality. The top three teams are however, in slightly more comfortable positions. Team Envy, NRG and Spacestation Gaming sit roughly 700, 600, and 550 points ahead of fourth-place team Rogue, respectively.

Source: Liquipedia

The Winter Major is set to stir up the leaderboard then, and start showing which teams are setting themselves apart for those coveted world championship spots.

A unique aspect

Besides the regular programming of the RLCSX NA Winter Major, a secondary competition is held as well. In collaboration with Ford, Rocket League developer Psyonix is holding the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational. This tournament sees so-called “freestylers” show off their highly mechanical and creative plays. This takes place in front of a jury, for the grand prize of a real-life Ford F-150. Freestylers are a separate breed of Rocket League players who are capable of moves the developer had no idea were even possible when creating the game, so the idea of a freestyle tournament sounds promising indeed.

When and where?

The RLCSX Winter Major is happening this weekend, on Saturday, Feb. 27 and Sunday, Feb. 28. You can catch the event on both YouTube and Twitch at 11:30 p.m. ET. On day one, the broadcast of the tournament is split over multiple streams, while the first round of the tournament will not be broadcast at all. The B-streams will be covered by UGC and TheRocketRB.

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