Shawdowspear slays Gods in Theros: Beyond Death

An answer to Gods with indestructible and hexproof creatures dropped in today’s Theros: Beyond Death spoilers with the equipment artifact, Shadowspear. 

Set to release on Jan. 24, MTG’s Theros: Beyond Death (THB) contains seven indestructible Gods and only a handful of removal spells that can deal with them. But that all changed today with the reveal of Shawdowspear. 

Shadwospear is an equipment artifact that gives a creature +1/+1, Trample, and Lifelink. It can also remove hexproof and indestructible from a creature at the cost of one mana until the end of turn. Shadowspear has a low cost of two mana to equip and can activate its mana ability even when it isn’t equipped. 

The lore behind Shadowspear explains why it’s a God killer, too. Elspeth nabs Heliod’s spear out of her nightmares and brings it into the living world, according to the story card.

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