Six Invitational sees increase in viewership on Twitch in 2020

Viewership for the Six Invitational this past week grew yet again with more people realizing the value of Rainbow Six as a spectator esport. The competition posted an average of more than 100,000 viewers across a plethora of Twitch channels.

Led by the official R6 Twitch channel, the event outperformed last year’s tournament in terms of hours watched, according to Stream Hatchet data. The main channel showed a notable rise in hours watched and average viewers, even though last year’s event posted a higher peak.

Over the course of nearly 90 hours of coverage, the main R6 channel posted 5.1 million hours watched from Feb. 7 to 16, averaging 58,509 viewers, including peripheral coverage of the event.

Those numbers are up from what the channel did last year when it posted 3.05 million hours watched, averaging 46,268. But last year’s peak of 148,417 viewers was slightly better than this year’s peak of 129,822.

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