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Football (soccer, if you’re in the States) agency SportQuake has joined the world of esports with a new partnership agency called — wait for it — EsportQuake. (I know, I thought it was a Quake story too.)

It’s no secret that esports has become a billion-dollar business. With teams constantly shuffling around players and the rotating free agency market, it’s no surprise that a sponsorship agency as successful as SportQuake wants a piece of that sweet, sweet esports pie.

SportQuake has touted quite a few major accomplishments with its football sponsorships. The company was responsible for several high profile sponsorships. These included Shopee with Ronaldo, FBS and Barcelona, Etoro with Premier League, with Tottenham, and JD Sports with Brighton. SportQuake is now ready to take its vast experience into the esports arena.

Sportquake CEO Matt House said in a statement:

We’re setting up EsportQuake to help brands plan and buy esports better. The esports ecosystem offers brands some amazing opportunities, but it’s big, it’s new, it’s complicated, it’s evolving very fast, and there’s a huge lack of buy-side expertise. EsportQuake will fill this gap providing brands interested in reaching esports audiences effectively and at the right price with all the rigor and services they would use when buying traditional sports and media.

How will EsportQuake fare?

Without a doubt, SportQuake knows what they’re doing when it comes to getting sponsorships for professional soccer players. However, esports is an entirely different beast. (Or, as esportsinsider puts it, “a different kettle of fish.”) What works in the world of professional athletes may not work in the world of professional gamers. Or maybe it will. It will be interesting to watch how it unfolds regardless. After all, it’s not the only esports sponsorship agency fish in the pond.

Esports has already seen its share of big-name brand sponsorships, including Mastercard, Visa, Mercedes-Benz, and Kia. We’ll see on Daily Esports which brands EsportQuake will bring to the table.

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