Team Liquid knock out Team Secret from Epic League Division 1

The domination days of Team Secret are truly over as the kings of the Europe and CIS region in the online season have been for the second time in a row eliminated from a tournament by Team Liquid.

Back at the end of October, Team Liquid managed to stop Secret’s seven tournament win streak, eliminating them from ESL One Germany: Online in the top 4. Today, the same Team Liquid had Secret’s number once again and took them out of contention for the Epic League title in the second round of lower bracket matches.

With the current meta so focused around Sven, Team Liquid took their chances in game one by allowing Secret to have the hero and drafted with one big strategy in mind: kite the Sven, force him to fight in disadvantageous positions. However, Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen was no fool to rush an Aghanim’s Scepter in a game where he could have easily been dragged straight into the middle of nowhere by Liquid’s Storm Spirit, Timbersaw, Earth Spirit, so he went for the old days standard Sven build instead and forced Liquid to come and fight.

This way, Team Secret established a decent 8000 gold lead and were on the verge of breaching Liquid’s base, but the task wasn’t easy, as their adversaries had a carry Ursa that scaled faster than Sven. Liquid were able to make a huge comeback around the 30 minute mark and never stopped the momentum, taking the first victory point in the elimination series.

Headed into the second game Sven went back to first ban material and with him taken off the table, Secret confidently first picked Omniknight to pair it with Troll Warlord later in the draft. Nonetheless, Liquid had another old days combo in mind and they surprised their adversaries with a Drow-Visage combo, which although is not as effective as it used to be, it still gets the job done when it comes to team fights or a 5 men push. The match was a pure bloodbath from early laning stage, with Secret once again establishing a 10K gold advantage around the 35 minutes mark and much like in the previous game, everything went down to a couple of Roshan fights won by Team Liquid, who turned the tide once more to snatch a 2-0 victory and eliminate Team Secret in the top 6.

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