Team Secret are the first grand finalists at BLAST Bounty Hunt

After Team Nigma knocked out Team Liquid in the lower bracket
of the BLAST Bounty Hunt event, the upper bracket finals would close out the
penultimate day of the tournament with OG taking on Team Secret.

Although the two teams have definitely met countless times
before, never before have the current iterations of Secret and OG gone to
battle in Dota 2, so we were in for an amazing brawl between the two with the
victor claiming the first spot in the grand finals of the BLAST Bounty Hunt
event. Secret were the first to get off the mark, claiming an emphatic victory
in game one, with 40 kills in only 39-minutes. Thanks to Lasse ‘Matumbaman’
Urpalainen’s Luna, along with a terrible game from Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng’s Underlord,
Secret were nearly unstoppable – although OG did have a few brief hints of
making a comeback.

The next game in the series was much more heavily contested
as both teams made some impressive plays – but even so, Secret kept falling further
and further behind. There were multiple moments where Secret seemed as though
they might turn things around but OG shut the door in their face and claimed a
crazy ending to tie the series at 1-1, with a massive game three set up.

While the second game was extremely hard fought, the
deciding match was completely one sided as Secret essentially stomped OG into
the lower bracket. Before the half hour mark had passed, Secret had secured a
middle lane of barracks, a 22k net worth lead and 30 kills too as OG had
absolutely no way to fight back.

OG now fall into the lower bracket of the BLAST Bounty Hunt
and their next series will be the opening one for tomorrow in the lower bracket
final against Team Nigma. For Secret, they will await their opponent in the
grand final tomorrow and look to claim another event victory this year.

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