The International 10 prize pool breaches $40,000,000

Although The International 10 is
not happening this year, the Dota 2 community have definitely shown just how
great they are by raising the prize pool to $40,000,000 as the Battle Pass
comes to a close.

Due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19, Valve decided to postpone The International 10 and, while this was in the best interests of all involved, it did leave the Dota 2 community without a regular Pro Circuit or TI. However, the community have had the Battle Pass for nearly five months, and in that time, we have seen some amazing cosmetics – the Windranger Arcana, Anti-Mage’s Persona and a plethora of Immortal Treasures too. All of these together have raised the prize pool for TI10 to a staggering $40,000,000 as the Battle Pass comes to a close.

The total amount of the TI10 prize pool is $40,004,771 and the only thing left left for us to find out now is the winner of the Arcana Vote, with Spectre and Faceless Void being the two heroes fighting it out to claim that prized cosmetic.

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