The Link Between Esports Gambling and Online Gambling

Esports have rapidly grown in popularity in the last few years. Once seen as a fringe interest the sport has gained millions of fans around the world who are drawn to the high-octane action and exciting gameplay. Big tournaments now regularly see players and teams competing for huge prize money, something that helps bring a lot of excitement to fans!

As with regular sports, many bookmakers have started offering betting on esports events. Sports betting gives fans the chance to bet on the outcome of matches, increasing excitement and providing a way to win money.

The Rise of Esports

Based on viewing figures, esports is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. The global audience of the sport reached more than 380 million in 2018 and this figure is growing each year. Most fans watch events through online streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch. This is part of the reason for their popularity, games are incredibly accessible and easy to watch.

Big viewing figures mean big revenues and in 2018, the sport made around $900 million in revenue. Ticket and merchandise sales amounted to around 10% of that figure. By 2021, the esports market is predicted to generate $1.65 billion a year. These are huge figures and are reflected in the massive prizes that some teams and players take home from winning tournaments.

The International Dota 2 tournament is currently one of the world’s biggest esports events and had a massive prize pool of more than $34 million. Teams can collect huge prizes not just from winning but also from sponsorships, appearance fees and merchandise.

Alongside the winning opportunities for teams and players, fans also have a great chance to win prizes from betting on esports.

Online Gambling and Esports

Online gambling has become remarkably popular in recent years, seeing a similar growth to the popularity of esports. Increased access to mobile gaming and better online casinos is part of the reason for this. Alongside the increased variety in casinos, sites like casinokiwi have become valuable resources to those looking for the best online casinos and betting sites.

Of course, the increasing popularity of both online gambling and esports have meant more opportunities for fans to bet on their favourite esports events. Whereas a few years ago, most bookies wouldn’t touch the sport, these days every major site offers odds on esports events.

In 2015, the total amount of cash wagered on esports was at just $315 million. These days, however, that figure has grown substantially as more fans than ever are betting on the sport. 2018 saw more than $7 billion bet on Esports events around the world, proving that there is massive demand for gambling on esports events.

With such a large amount of variety in the number of games available to bet on, sportsbooks can offer a great range of different bets. New game titles being released all the time and an ever-increasing number of esports fans means that the market still has a lot of room to grow.

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