TJ Sports Brings OPPO, Clear, and More New Partners to Chinese League of Legends

  • TJ Sports has released the partnership list for the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in 2020, with Mercedes-Benz, Nike, KFC, Harbin Brewery, and Intel returning for another year.
  • Seven new partners have joined the LPL, including Momchilovtsi, CLEAR, Wahaha, OPPO, and more.
  • Previous partners including Alienware, Hongmo, Yili Guliduo, and others have not renewed partnerships.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of TJ Sports, a joint venture of Tencent and Riot Games. During the day’s celebration, TJ Sports announced the list of China’s top League of Legends Pro League (LPL) partners that have signed deals for 2020.

The 13 partners signed for 2020 include head partner Mercedes-Benz; strategic partners Nike, Chinese diary brand Momchilovtsi, and Harbin Brewery; official partners KFC, CLEAR, Chinese drink brand Wahaha, energy drink brand Warhorse, OPPO, and SPD Bank credit card; and equipment partners HP OMEN, gaming chair brand AutoFull, and Intel

The LPL has added seven new partners this year, including two influential Chinese local non-endemic brands Momchilovtsi and Wahaha. In addition, previous brands Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Harbin Brewery, KFC, Warhorse, and Intel will return to support the league in 2020.

Smartphone brand  Hongmo has been replaced by OPPO in 2020; while HP Omen will take the place of Dell’s gaming computer brand Alienware. Dairy Yili Guliduo is replaced by Momchilovtsi in 2020, while gaming chair brand DXRacer is replaced by AutoFull in 2020.

In addition, previous partners Doritos, HUPU, and L’OREAL Men Expert have not renewed partnerships. The LPL Spring Split will start on Jan. 13. 

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