Ucal joins Team Griffin as the team's starting mid laner for 2020

After Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon had another disappointing season last year, many LCK fans wondered which team he would take his talents to in 2020. Although it took quite some time, Team Griffin has finally announced that the talented 18-year old mid laner will be joining the team for the upcoming Spring Split.

Ucal has always been one of the lesser-known mid laners in Korea, especially to people who don’t watch the LCK all too often. He was, however, one of the best young mid laners in the region for quite some time. He still has a ton of potential as well, since he’s only turning 19 at the end of this month.

Team Griffin LoL on Twitter

📢Welcome, Griffin #Ucal We are happy to announce Ucal(Son Woohyun) has joined Team Griffin as a mid-liner. Expect great plays by Ucal in the future!😄 #Ucal #Welcome #GRF

Last year, Ucal played alongside star top laner Kim “Kiin” Gi-in on Afreeca Freecs, but failed to qualify for the playoffs during the 2019 Spring Split. During that split, he went through a pretty bad slump in terms of performance—in the following season, however, he returned to form. He finished the summer with the third most kills among LCK mid laners, with some impressive early game stats.

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