Valve addresses the Collector’s Cache drama and removes some of the submissions

TI10 Battle Pass owners were invited 10 days ago to cast their votes for this year’s Collector’s Cache content. A total of 148 item sets were pre-selected based on the feedback received in the steam workshop, but although Valve have made the first screening, some sets were still found ineligible by the call to arms requirements.

The 148 sets selected for the TI10 Battle Pass voting can be previewed and tested in game and once the community was able to take a closer look at them, some were deemed to have exceeded the polygon number budget, some even having particle references. When workshop artists were invited to submit their crafts for this year’s Collector’s Cache, they all had to obey the same polygons restrictions and the submission system should, in theory, recognize an over the budget item. However, Valve explained that because some artists have a different status due to their previous collaborations, they were able to go beyond the limit and submit over the budget sets.

“This system was intended to be used only for contract work, and not as a way to gain an advantage in general workshop submissions, which have their own guidelines, such as for the Collector’s Cache. We should have been more vigilant in monitoring submissions, as we’ve discovered several artists have submitted over-budget content in the past as well,“ Valve explained and mentioned that they will be “changing the submission process for contract work to prevent this from happening in the future.”

To address the problem, Valve decided to remove from the public voting two sets that were over the polygons budget and replaced them with the next two most highly-voted sets.

In the same post, the Dota 2 developer has also stated that unlike in the previous years, when they were able to release two to three Collector’s Cache treasures, this year they might not have enough material for a second chest. The TI10 Battle Pass Collector’s Cache voting has closed on June 12 and the Dota 2 fans should expect to see the treasure coming sometime soon.  

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