Valve Outlines 2021 Dota Pro Circuit Structure

Noting that the positive results of the COVID-19 vaccines were the impetus behind revealing the new structure, Valve released the new structure and a starting date of Jan. 17 for the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit.

The structure for 2021 will see the pro circuit divided into two seasons that will be accompanied by a major after each regular season has concluded. This will then be followed by qualifiers set to take place in August where teams can earn a spot in Valve’s world championship event–The International 10.

Season 1 will take place Jan. 18 – Feb. 28, with the first major of the year scheduled for March 25 – April 4. Afterwards, Season 2 will launch April 13 and conclude on May 22 with the second major of the year taking place from June 2-13. This will be followed by the aforementioned qualifiers set to take place in August.

One of the most important changes heading into 2021, made due to roster changes,  will be the negation of the previous season’s points which are used to seed teams into the various leagues and its divisions. Instead, Valve has decided that it will select the Top 4 teams “in best form” from each region and directly qualify them for the upper division. For others, a series of qualifiers, both closed and open, will determine the remaining 12 teams in both divisions.

The Top 4 teams from each region’s upper division will move on as an automatic qualifier for the majors. However, the number of qualifying slots assigned for the first major will be a little different as Europe will receive four slots, China with four slots, Southeast Asia with three slots, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with three slots, North America with two slots, and South America having two slots as well.

There will be relegation in 2021, meaning that the bottom two teams in the Upper Division will get bumped down to the Lower Division. Those Lower Division teams that finish in the Top 2, will be promoted to the Upper Division. The bottom two teams from the Lower Division will be kicked from the league with qualifiers that follow to select next season’s slots.

Valve, taking into consideration feedback from players and fans, has created new time slots that make sense in terms of best times to play and watch.

Lastly, Valve announced the facilitators for each of its six leagues and they are as follows:

Europe: DreamHack


China: Perfect World


NA: Beyond the Summit

SA: Dotapit

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