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Brazilian esports organizations Vorax and Havan Liberty announced a partnership Thursday that will see its League of Legends (LoL) team play the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) under a new name, “Vorax Liberty.” The team will be featured in the second split of CBLOL in 2021. 

Financial terms were not disclosed.

As a first step, only the LoL team will be involved in the deal. For other esports in which the organizations field rosters the tags will remain the same, but there is the possibility that all may become Vorax Liberty in the future. Although, as both Vorax and Havan Liberty field rosters in Valorant, their teams will not be able to compete against each other in tournaments.

As Havan Liberty is an organization sustained by Havan, a department store chain with its main focus on home and well-being products which is owned by the strong supporter of the Brazilian far-right government Luciano Hang, after the announcement Vorax is facing a huge backlash by its community, as it always pledged to support the values of diversity and built an audience around it. Earlier this year, Vorax co-owner Aristóteles “Toti” de Azevedo was suspended from his duties in the esports organization after a comment on Twitter expressing anti-democratic views, a fact that also added to the dis-satisfaction expressed by the community. Azevedo, although, is not part of the Vorax Liberty project.

In an online press conference attended by The Esports Observer, Vorax CEO Marina Leite, who will remain ahead of the operation of the Vorax Liberty, said that politics and Havan do not interfere in esports, and there are “a lot of synergies” in the work done by the organizations. As Vorax already reached the CBLOL finals last split, TEO asked what was missing by the team that Havan Liberty would cover. She mentioned the organization’s care with the health of its players, Havan Liberty’s investments in structure, and a financial input done by it for the new society. Havan Liberty CEO Samuel Walendowski said that this is a move to try bringing the organization apart of this political concept.

With this, Vorax Liberty is born having Havan, Progaming Store, and peripherals brand Motospeed as sponsors. Redragon, also a peripherals brand, remains only with the Havan Liberty teams.

Vorax is already the result of two organizations that merged to secure a spot on the CBLOL franchise: Falkol Esports and Prodigy Esports. Havan Liberty also applied for a spot, but was not approved by Riot Games and disbanded its LoL team in 2020. The organization now is back to the scene through the agreement with Vorax, having Riot Games’ approval for doing so.

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