Winston’s new emote is a nod to a deaf Overwatch League fan

There’s a reason you may have thought Winston’s new emote seemed familiar. It had the help of an Overwatch fan.

Danik Soudakoff is a deaf Overwatch fan and Los Angeles Valiant supporter. Twitch broadcasts’ heavy reliance on audio cues and narration affects his experience with the Overwatch League. His solution was to go to the Blizzard Arena with an interpreter. Their story was picked up in an episode of Watchpoint.

To keep up with Overwatch’s fast-paced action, the duo came up with creative signs for each character: Widowmaker’s is a trigger pull, Mercy’s is the resurrect animation, and Winston’s is his wide arm swings during Primal Rage. The latter inspired Winston’s new Winter Wonderland emote.

The newly-added emote has the popular simian scientist introducing himself in American Sign Language (ASL). “My name is Winston,” he signs. But instead of spelling out each letter, he uses the custom gesture that Danik and his interpreter came up with, in a clear nod to the fan.

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