Wukong rework is coming soon, but it won’t be ready for League patch 10.1

Riot Games has been planning on reworking Wukong since May 2019 but with delay after delay, one of League of Legends’ oldest champions has been left on the wayside. 

On Jan. 6, though, the lead gameplay designer of Riot, Mark Yetter, hinted the new and improved monkey king will be coming soon. He didn’t divulge into the specifics of Wukong’s release date, but he did say the champion won’t be ready in time for patch 10.1 

That could mean Riot is waiting to release him in the following patch, or that he won’t be ready for some time. But, either way, he’s coming. 

The rework aims to completely change Wukong’s identify, refreshing his skillset and making him much more of a reliable jungler in the metagame. He’s currently barely seen in competitive play and has a miserable 47 percent win rate in platinum and above. 

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