A Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat is photobombing in Pokémon Go

A rare Pikachu sporting Ash’s original hat from the anime is appearing in Pokémon Go.

To get this cute little behatted Pokémon, you simply have to take a photo of a Pokémon in AR+ mode. Just like Smeargle, the Pikachu will photobomb your shot in the corner, and then appear on the overworld map to catch once you close out the photo mode. Ash can also appear in the corner, pressed up against the screen of your phone. Seeing him will also spawn the Ash hat Pikachu.

It seems that players are getting the Pikachu to appear on their first ventures into photo mode, unlike Smeargle, which required players to be fairly lucky to spot. Based on player reports on the Silph Road subreddit, it also seems like you can only encounter five Ash hat Pikachu per day, whether you catch them or not.

It’s unknown as of writing this if this is an exclusive event for April Fools’ Day or not, as Niantic has yet to announce the reveal of this nostalgic Pikachu on any of their social channels. According to the Silph Road subreddit, players in other countries are still getting the special event Pikachu on April 2.

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