Call Of Duty: Mobile Is Adding The Gulag Soon, See A Teaser Now

Call of Duty: Mobile has a battle royale mode, but it’s not quite the same as Call of Duty: Warzone. In particular, Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t feature Warzone’s most unique and exciting features, the Gulag. It seems that’s going to change very soon. Or it could be something else entirely.

The official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account posted a teaser video for what is very clearly the Gulag. The tweet says it’s “coming soon.”

This alert was posted not long after the Call of Duty: Mobile test servers were updated with references to the Gulag. Additionally, entire gameplay videos have been posted on YouTube that appear to show that Gulag will be a new map in Call of Duty: Mobile.

In Warzone, players who die are sent to the Gulag where they face off in 1v1 matches for a chance to re-deploy. It remains to be seen, however, if this feature will also come to Call of Duty: Mobile or if the Gulag is only being added as a new multiplayer map.

Developer TiMi Studios updates Call of Duty: Mobile regularly, most recently adding a new class and more challenges for Season 6. With more than 150 million downloads worldwide, Call of Duty: Mobile is a juggernaut.

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